Leadership Consultancy Services

Leadership Consultancy Services

In addition to Leadership training, we provide a range of Leadership Consultancy services around the world, please feel free to contact us for your specific requirements if they are not listed below:

Leadership Experiences Catacombs of Rome
Catacombs of Rome

Leadership Lessons use experienced Learning and Development professionals to carry out Training Needs Analysis of Leadership Development within individual organisations, including carrying out an

Leadership Consultancy Services Stamps
Leadership Consultancy Services carried out throughout the world

Assessment and Evaluation of existing ‘internal’ in-house Leadership Courses.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

About Us Leadership Lessons Honorary member
Honorary Member

Coaching and mentoring are key to developing the best leaders within your organisation. Leadership Lessons will provide experienced coaches and mentors to help develop current and future leaders within your organisation.

LLL Consultancy
Leadership Lessons Limited Consultancy

Train the Trainer

Leadership Lessons’ team of experts and training associates will also provide training for your own ‘in-house’ training team to better equip them to deliver your own internal Leadership Courses. We will also support your training event by observing and making recommendations for improvement, helping to find your ideal solution to impact team development and the bottom line.

Leadership Seminars

Leadership Consultancy Services Lower Manhattan
Leadership Lessons Lower Manhattan

Leadership Lessons also provides One,two or three-day bespoke Leadership Seminars for internal teams to cover a range of subject matters identified by senior management, including change management seminars, workshops, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personality team workshops.

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Independent Panel Members

Leadership Lessons will also provide independent panel members for your recruiting teams and interview panels, to advise and assist your interview processes for future managers and leaders.

Leadership Lessons Gibraltar
Leadership Lessons Gibraltar

Facilitation Skills

Leadership Lessons will also facilitate your in-house event, linking your subject matter to Leadership and culture.

If you require other services, not listed here, please feel free to contact us using the contact form on the Home page, and one of our friendly team will be in touch.