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Leadership Experiences, Staff Rides and Battlefield Tours

Leadership Lessons Church in St Mere Eglise
St Mere Eglise church and Parachute WWII

Leadership Lessons provide international university Leadership experiences, staff rides and battlefield site tours, accompanied by experts in the field, linking history to current leadership training theories and practice, bringing lessons alive for those who prefer an experiential learning style.

Leadership Experience Cafe Gondree
Cafe Grondee at Pegasus bridge

Fully supported tours are conducted in the UK, Europe and the United States of America, and all logistics locally are taken care of.

Robert the Bruce King of Scots
Leadership Experience Robert the Bruce Statue

Examples include tours of Normandy, France, to include the D-Day landing beaches Sword, Gold, Juno, Utah and Omaha, together with places of historic importance. All leadership experiences relate the subject matter to leadership skills,

Leadership Lessons barbed wire D-Day
Barbed Wire overlooking D-Day beaches

emotional intelligence and leadership styles, evidenced in each and every tour, such as observed at the Battle of Bannockburn.

Robert the Bruce King of Scots
Leadership Experience Robert the Bruce

Pegasus Bridge, for example, which crosses the Caen Canal between Caen and Ouistreham, in the village of Benouville, was a key objective of the allied forces during the invasion of Normandy. Heavily protected by german forces, the heroism of the allied forces, particularly Major John Howard

Leadership Experiences at Pegasus Bridge
Statue Bust of Major John Howard, Pegasus Bridge

and his team of British airborne forces, was self-evident. Their use of gliders to land within the immediate proximity of the Benouville Bridge during darkness took the german troops by surprise, and the bridge was quickly secured for allied troops (already en route for the D-day landings as part of Operation Neptune), allowing them to advance in the coming days and weeks.

The insignia of the airborne forces was a flying horse, hence the bridge was renamed Pegasus Bridge.

D-Day leadership experiences Site of pegasus bridge
Sign for the site of the Pegasus bridge landing 6th June 1944 D-day

To round off the experience, a visit to the D-Day Map Room is a must.

Leadership experiences D-Day Ops Planning Map Room
D-Day Planning Room Southwick House

Here is a link to an overview of day two on the Battle of the Bulge Leadership experience

Battle for Arnhem bridge
Leadership Lessons at Arnhem bridge

Extract from Day two: The Battle for Arnhem is a particularly important battle for the British, the 1st Airborne division, who up until that time had not seen any ‘action’, having been held in reserve (albeit they were nearly deployed on two earlier occasions, this did not transpire.) Unlike the American’s 101st Airborne division, the Screaming Eagles, and the 82nd Airborne (The All Americans) who had seen action at Normandy and throughout Sicily.

Battle for Arnhem bridge Flags
Airborne at the Arnhem Bridge Flags

Operation Market Garden came about because the Russians were pushing the Germans back towards Germany to the east, in the south the Allies had pushed Germany back out of Africa up through Italy and back to Germany, and clearly 3 months earlier the Allies had landed at Normandy and pushed the Germans back up through France, Belgium to Holland (where they had already occupied territory). Market Garden therefore came about on the back of victory after victory after victory after victory as the Allies successfully pushed the Germans back in bitter and entrenched warfare.

Battle of the Bulge
Arnhem Bridge 2017

However, by the time this particular battle began, troops were tired and overstretched, and intelligence was not acted upon. Add to that the fact that the Allies had only secured one major port, some 300 miles away at Cherbourg, and although Antwerp was under Allied control, it was not really fit for purpose, neither would it be fit for some weeks to come after Arnhem.

Dragons Teeth along the Siegfried Line
Dragons teeth along the Siegfried Line

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Leadership Experiences D-Day Museum
D-Day Museum tank and original Pegasus bridge
Leadership Lessons Pegasus Bridge
Pegasus Bridge

Leadership Lessons also work closely with the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police to provide Criminal Justice International Policing and Public Safety Leadership experiences in the UK and the US for Criminal Justice Majors at Monmouth  University Criminal Justice Department (Global programs).

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