Leadership Training Courses

Leadership Training Courses

Leadership Lessons Breakwater at Sandbanks Beach
Foundation for Executive Leadership Training

Now is the time to invest in your personnel by providing management, leadership and command skills to add to their technical skills and ability, to better prepare them for the complexities of business, and provide confidence for the difficult decisions that they will be called upon to make, including delegation and providing effective feedback.

By investing in the leadership of the organisation through our Foundation Executive and Senior Leadership Development Training, you are investing in the whole organisation. Our senior leadership development programme is grounded in reality, and provides the knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and behaviours to help leaders better understand themselves, their teams and the organisation, to develop a leadership culture making it more innovative, inclusive and productive, reducing conflict, and increasing influence, leading to a positive impact on the bottom line.

Senior leadership training courses at New Zealand police college

Maori welcome at New Zealand Police College.

Foundation for Executive Leadership 

Investing in Middle management as they take their first leadership steps and transition to the leaders of the future by understanding their preferred leadership style, and individual development needs, is time well spent.

Leadership Lessons stepping stones at Cliveden House
Cliveden House lake with stepping stones

The Middle Management Foundation for Executive Leadership course helps develop managers and helps them transition from management to leadership. The course introduces delegates to a higher level of self awareness and self-management, motivation skills, emotional intelligence, culture, ethics and values, and empowerment to develop their own personal leadership style and identify gaps for development. The practical skills developed during the courses introduce delegates to performance management, resource management, project management, change management, communication and business skills bringing it all together to blend naturally into a new leadership style to meet the needs of your organisation.

Leadership Training Courses Philadelphia
Philadelphia Leadership

Executive Leadership Course

Our Executive Leadership courses take all of the above conceptual frameworks to the next level. As well as affording the opportunity to meet and debate strategic leadership issues with like minded individuals , Leadership Lessons also offer one to one tutorials and mentoring during the course to address individual concerns, preparing them for transformational leadership in a global economy and shaping their excellence in leadership into a habit. For more detail, about our Command Development Programmes, feel free to call us, or complete the contact form on the Home Page.

Leadership Lessons Limited
Leadership Lessons Limited in Morocco

Command Development Programme (CoDe-P)

This course has been specifically designed for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency to improve decision making in Command, to improve self awareness, and problem solving in a complex environment. The programme also covers strategic vision, motivation and group coaching, to ensure that all of the organisation are working as one.

This programme can also be adapted to the private sector, so do get in touch if this is of interest. Please check our ‘Testimonials’ page for more detail.

One day Leadership Workshops

  • Making better decisions
  • Leading through Human Rights Training
  • Creativity and Innovation in Leadership

  • MBTI self-awareness for Leaders
  • Performance for leaders
  • Effective Coaching
Decision Making and Leadership in Criminal Justice

Train the Trainer

  • Leadership Train the Trainer course
Leadership Coaching Leadership Lessons
Leadership: Reach for the Sky

Change Management

  • Leadership and Change Management in the FMCG Sector

Additional courses will be listed here shortly

We also provide Lectures for schools and Colleges (please see our leadership in Schools Page)

If your requirements are not listed, please feel free to let us know using the contact form on the Home Page, and one of our friendly staff will be in touch.

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