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Introducing Organisations and Individuals to MBTI® Type

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® personality types by Isabel Briggs Myers builds on Swiss Psychiatrist Carl G. Jung’s theory of psychological types and makes it easily

MBTI Four Dimensions of Type
MBTI® Dimensions of Type

understood and applied to personal preferences. MBTI® helps to identify differences between people that quickly transfers to an understanding of why organisations aren’t functioning as well as they could be, why some people don’t like conflict, how best to deliver organisational messages, and why some people seem to have a gift in managing conflict or see life as full of possibilities.

Leadership lessons provides one to one, or group Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI® personality type feedback sessions,  to enhance understanding of self and others, builds emotional intelligence and helps signpost you to better ways of making decisions.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI
MBTI® Development Workbook

As the world recognises diversity at every turn, understanding your MBTI® type will encourage you to co-operate with other team members in ways only identified through MBTI® to use those differences constructively.

The MBTI® Workbook takes you clearly through the process, to improve your personal effectiveness and team contributions through recognising strengths and potential areas for development.

In terms of leadership, MBTI® is useful for organisational development, team building, best-fit career development, conflict management, change management, coaching, problem solving and Leadership.

As part of the session, you will receive a personalised feedback report and have an opportunity to discuss that report in detail with our consultants.

MBTI Cards
MBTI® Cards

To find out more about MBTI® and our workshops and seminars for your organisation, or for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form on the Home page.

MBTI® is a registered trademark, has been delivered to more than 3.5 million people worldwide.

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Leadership Lessons only provide MBTI® Step 1 training through Certified MBTI® Step 1 practitioners. Our consultancy team will also provide follow up and evaluation of group sessions, if required.