Senior Leadership Programme (Casablanca)

The best leadership course that I have attended in my 31 years within the Gendarmerie du Maroc.

Colonel El Qorchi

Royaume Du Maroc Gendarmerie Royale


Senior Leadership Programme (New Jersey)

Yet another amazing, informative, educational and cultural experience. My teaching ‘toolbox’ just gets bigger and better after every course.

Chief Michael ‘Mike’ Smith.

New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police

Foundation for Executive Leadership Course

(New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police).

“I have taken many leadership programs throughout my career, and this class being educational, engaging, and enjoyable ranked on top, in my opinion.
The class taught me new leadership skills and expanded on the ones that I had.  David’s real-world examples were great and I enjoyed the interactive dialogue that occurred between the other leaders. It helped me to better understand myself as a person and as a leader.
The course also gave me a unique insight into how other people perceive my actions. The class gave me more tools to continue to succeed as a good leader moving forward, something I am truly grateful for.”
James R. Teter
Police Lieutenant
Washington Township Police Department
October 2017
The Foundation for Executive Leadership was a very informative course.  It touched on basic leadership principals that any police executive can use in their agency.  David Annets was very knowledgeable.  He had the perfect balance between instruction and keeping the students engaged by completing various leadership based assignments.  I highly recommend the course to other police executives.
Daniel O’Connor
Police Lieutenant
Middlesex Born Police Department
October 2017
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